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Why Cosmic Energy ?

Spirituality is the science of knowing ourselves. The better we know ourselves, the higher the chances of us using our potential to the fullest and living

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Spirituality is the science of knowing ourselves. The better we know ourselves, the higher the chances of us using our potential to the fullest and living a fulfilling life.Spiritual process, unlike popular perception,includes materialistic abundance. We often conduct financial audits, monitor cash inflow and outflow. But do we monitor our energy flow? Cosmic Energy is the energy which drives life. Like our phone is a smartphone only if it is connected to wifi,similarly our lives are smarter and better if we are connected to the source of creation. This connection is called Cosmic Energy. Only when this energy is in abundant supply we can live a fulfilling life.Tapping into the source of creation enables us to manifest whatever we choose. We can live a life that has the best of health, wealth and relationships.Live an empowered life. Everyday can be a celebration unlimited.

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Programmes Offered

Health and Wellness

Health is balance between your physical, mental and energetic well-being. Often we have one working, but the others not so much. Bring in a sense of balance, equanimity and centeredness into your life with this workshop.

Success & Power

Take that extra step to become more efficient, more goal oriented, focused and stable. This workshop enables you to realize your dreams in a structured manner. Particularly effective for students with big dreams, or people wanting to move up the ladder quickly.


We are born with some, we nurture some. Either way ,we want harmony in all our relationships. People with loving, harmonious relationships have been found to be the happiest. We'll help you get there.

Spiritual Nectar

Our flagship programme, combines the best of all the other workshops and brings to you an array of knowledge and tools to bring you ultimate health, wealth and happiness. Once you tune in, miracles become a part of your everyday reality.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotion is energy in motion. By learning to manage our emotions we manage our energies better. Stress & Anxiety are commonplace in today's world and its because IQ is seen as greater than EQ. But true success lies in enhancing your EQ.

Financial Abundance

The honest truth - we all want more money. But our thought, emotion and belief patterns restrict us from achieving that extra mile. Nayan works with your fears and empowers you to dream - there is no such thing as greed.

I did Nayan's workshop a year ago, and discovered that my one of my chakras was blocked. I used the tools given by her like chakra affirmations, ho'oponopono and chakra chanting. Over the span of a year, the turnover of my company went up from 150 cr to 250 cr. This speaks volumes about the work she does. I would highly recommend her workshops!

Premal Parekh, CEO, Parekh textiles

Nayan Futnani


Nayan is a gifted speaker and trainer who has conducted over a 100 workshops nationally and internationally. She is an expert on understanding cosmic energies and vibrations and explains these concepts with in a simple way to a layman audience. Her words strike with a certain authenticity and honesty and inspires the individual to look within.

Her mission is to enable people to increase their happiness index and live a more fulfilling and joyous life. She has completed her training in EFT, EET, Pranic Healing, Affirmations and Chakras and uses these tools and several others in her workshops.

She holds specialised Workshops for Corporations, Educational Instutions,Married couples,Expecting Mothers, and Individuals/Groups