Corporations, Small and Medium Sized Companies
Stress, Anxiety and Work related issues are the norm today. We have accepted that stress is a part and parcel of having a high profile job. Stress is experienced by everyone, from the Associate to the CEO.
Deadlines are real but stress is a choice. Success is wholesome only when it comes stress-free. The way we perceive life, can make it joyful or stressful - that is our choice. If we know how to handle our thoughts,emotions, and energies and enhance our ability to connect and receive cosmic energy, life becomes effortlessly joyful. We can customize specific offerings for your organization
  • Passion test - Discover your passion
  • Happier employees means greater productivity
  • Better Relationship with Team-mates & Better Team Work
  • Stress - Free work environment
  • Dealing with fears of Non-Performance, Being Judged, Meeting Deadlines, Fear of Superiors
  • Dealing with fears of Non-Performance, Being Judged,
  • Meeting Deadlines, Fear of Superiors
  • Crystal Clear Goals
  • Focused Approach to achieving set Goals
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
Schools, Colleges,
Students are constantly faced with pressures to excel - from all avenues. Parents, Teachers, and relatives create an environment of high expectations to succeed.Grades have become the focal point of student’s lives and as a consequence, being serious is valued over being playful, joyful and celebratory. Excelling in grades is valued over understanding of subject to get a fancy degree, or earn good money. But being successful is part of life not life itself. Being serious is equated with success,and this is a big misconception. Success stems from a natural blossoming of the individual not a forced sprouting of the seed through pressure and competition.Through our customized offerings for schools or groups of children.
  • Choose a career according to what they love
  • Enabling them to set goals and learn to manifest them
  • Build Confidence in them - No more fear of studies
  • Students are better equipped to deal with peer pressure,
  • social media pressure and other teenage issues
  • Challenge is for the self - not with others
  • Experiencing joy and happiness is key to success
Couples, Expectant Mothers
Modern science has proved that everything in existence is nothing but energy. We are nothing but a morsel of energy. The law of energy states that we attract what we are. At the time of getting married or at the time of conception, the partner or the child we attract will be according to our energetic vibrational frequency.There are several techniques through which we can imrpove our vibrational frequency and thereby attract people into our life who will bring more harmony and happiness.The most important period for your child’s growth starts at pre-conception and goes on till the fifth year of life.Preparing the body, emotion and energy for this is essential as the child is most receptive at this stage.
  • Securing your child’s energetic and emotional future
  • Better Emotional Quotient for the child
  • Better Spiritual Quotient for the child
  • Harmonious relationship with your child
  • Child’s clarity of thought enhanced, no fears and phobias.
  • Smooth Delivery
Individuals & Groups
Everything we have done so far in life has been in pursuitof a single thing. Whether we sought a career, started a business, made money or built a family, it was always because you wanted one simple thing - joy. We are the most comfortable generation ever. But are we the most joyful one? No. Why is it so? We have tried our best to fix the outside environment butwe are still not happier than our ancestors. We need a paradigm shift. The only way out is in. Spirituality is the science of knowing the self, the science of being perfect alignment, harmony, and sync with existence. For a fulfilled life with the best of health, wealth and relationships, spirituality is not an option. It is a way of life. We can truly find the source of unbridled joy,happiness and bliss - within ourselves.We offer a range of knowledge and practical based
workshops on:
  • Theory of karma & Panchakoshas
  • Chakras & Chakra Chanting
  • Make More Money
  • Aura and Chakra Scanning
  • Celebration Unlimited
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude - the ultimate transformation
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