Spiritual Nectar
Spirituality is the science of knowing yourself. When we know ourselves best, we can live from our highest potential and live a fulfilling life. Spiritual process, unlike popular perception, includes materialistic abundance. We can live a life that has the best of health, wealth and relationships.
What is this programme about?
Spirituality is often perceived as something a person engages with after they turn 50. Most often, people believe that spiritual tools or ideologies are not essential for day to day workings such as making money, staying happy in a relationship or having a stress-free life. On the contrary, spirituality is about working with your inner potential to manifest what you desire, in both the inner and outer dimensions of life.
Spirituality is not about renunciation, leaving your family or lack of desire. Believing or trying to believe that you don’t have desires itself is a type of desire - it is a trap most spiritualists often fall into.
In this programme we introduce you to seeing life and dimensions of life in ways that can truly transform every aspect of the way you live. We engage in a process of understanding how desire works, how we can use our inner potential to realize our dreams and manifest what we truly want. Through this it is possible to reach a balance of having the best of everything - money, pleasure, power, love, joy and bliss.
Destiny may be pre-written, but it can be re-written. You’re the creator of your destiny through your thoughts and emotions. Stay empowered, because your life is in your hands. Join us and drop the victim game. Once you learn to tune in to the source, miracles become an everyday phenomenon in your life.
What is this programme about?
Anyone seeking to expand, to understand more about the inner, non-physical dimension of life.
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One of the biggest life transforming moment in my life was when my feeling about "Wanting More" was explained as perpetual human seeking to reach ultimate bliss .Now I am sorted as to how to achieve materialistic world,high E.Q and thereby move to ultimate bliss.
-----Sukumar ,51
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