Emotional Well Being
Emotion is essentially ‘Energy in Motion’. Learning how to manage, understand and navigate our emotions is essential to our well-being. Through our workship learn how to transform your life from feeling negative emotions to positive ones.
What is this programme about?
In current times, IQ is given more importance than EQ. We’re constantly chasing a better intellect, what actually makes us ready to face the world is our Emotional Quotient.
Every person who is successful need not be Intelligent, but they are definitely emotionally strong.
California is predicted to be the depression capital by 2020 though it is the seat of Silicon Valley. If the medication for depressive tendencies were discontinued in the market, then it is estimated that 70% of the population in America would become imbalanced emotionally.
Nayan shares important techniques like EET and EFT along with other tools and practices, to steadily and gradually become able to face any situation with emotional strength. Participants have experienced a change in mindset to positive thinking, being grateful and forgiving.
‘Stress’ becomes an alien word. Everyday and every moment is a celebration.
Emotions like fear, jealousy, inferiority complexes, decrease substantially, thereby allowing for the flow of empowering emotions like faith, trust, hope, love and joy.
Who is it for?
Participants of this programme have often come from backgrounds of experiencing corporate stress, performance anxiety, anxiety in family situations, tensions arising from responsibilities.
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Customized Offerings for Small Groups & Individuals
Do you have a specific issue that you would like to address in private setting? Nayan offers the apportunity to have private sessions. Click on the link below to get in touch with your enquiry.
My all time issue was 'FEAR'.Fear of losing everything that I have.Even with all luxuries of life ,due to fear I was never able to live a fulfillingLife. This Program helped me come over my fear in a systematic, consistent way.Thanks Nayan for improving my E .Q.
-----Girish Narang, 45
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