We are born with some relationships and we choose to create some. Both are an integral part of life. When we realize the basis of these relationships we become more empowered and equipped to navigate them. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that people who nurture harmonious and loving relationships are the happiest. Join our workshop to know how.
What is this programme about?
Relationships are a fundamental aspect of life, but many of us don’t know how to navigate them. Understand the basis of how relationships form, why they exist in our lives and what lessons we need to learn from them, provide us with the best tools to live harmoniously and joyfully.
Our understanding naturally makes us more forgiving and balanced. Often, there is a negative belief pattern, that relationships demand adjustment and compromise. This is the cause for relationship jokes about marriage, or employer-employee or other relationships. What we don’t realise is that our belief becomes our reality. When we feel like we are ‘adjusting’ we feel dominated over and live in resentment of the other.
Rather than nourishing the relationship, we want to escape from the other’s presence. But despite our best attempts to avoid them, they remain in our minds, and drain us of our precious energy which could have been used more productively.
Through this workshop you will learn to better your own ability to attract better relationships. You will learn how to make your current relationships harmonious and fulfilling through tools such as Loving-Kindness Meditation, Ho’ponopono and many others.
Who is it for?
Those who are experiencing troubles in their marital relationship, or in relationship with their colleagues, friends or their boss.
People living in joint family systems or working in family businesses.
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My life changed when I got introduced to concept of FORGIVENESS .It was tough for me to forgive my relatives who had hurt me in past, but when I practiced forgiveness my life changed completely.Not only did my relationship became harmonious even my health and finances improved.
------Rishika Khatri, 36
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