Financial Abundance
The trick to abundance is not just how hard we work. We need to programme our thoughts and emotions towards abundance. Abundance is a state of being, not just a state of living.Join us to understand ways in which you can attract and manifest your desires in terms of success and money.
What is this programme about?
Financial abundance is not just the money we want or money we have. It is the absence of fear of losing money and the gratitude for what we already have.
Social norms dictate that we should not be greedy. But we believe that there is nothing called greed. You can desire any amount of wealth and the universe is ready to give us that. However when the desire to possess arises out of competition with others or through jealousy, then it is counterproductive because your energy is consumed by negative emotions, when it could have been better used for something else.
Let us be honest with ourselves, ‘We All Want To Make More Money’. The more we are honest with ourselves about this truth, the more we receive. At any point our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energies affect the way we attract abundance in our lives. We only receive as much as our vibrational frequency reflects.
Through this workshop, we enable you to change the way you think about money and teach you tools to manifest such as Prosperity Consciousness, Welcoming Miracles, Goal setting and manifestation. Some common beliefs we work with are: “ I am afraid to lose money”, “Earning money is difficult”, “I’m not lucky enough when it comes to money”, “I want to appear modest and not greedy”, “Money doesn’t give happiness”, “Pursuing money is arrogant”.
Who is it for?
Individuals, Businessmen, Working Professionals, Corporate Employees.
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I had two life transforming takeaways from this program:
1. Financial abundance is not about 'what you have ' but about 'gratitude of what you have'.
2.How to make money easily, happily,quickly,harmoniously with no guilt.
------Samarth Kapadia,26
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