What Is This Programme About?

MONEY this word evokes mixed feelings like fear, excitement, avoidance, and scarcity. If you are the one currently experiencing these emotions, then this program is for you to attend.


We grow up listening to many things about money that it is scarce; hard work makes you rich; money doesn’t grow on trees; money making requires luck; and people who have money are arrogant. These statements are just few belief patterns and not realities for all. We have the potential to break these age-old believes and create a new approach of money making.


Its an exclusive workshop to learn the Science of Manifestation for making money. The science of manifestation states that vibration when repeated becomes energy and energy when repeated becomes physical reality. When we want to change our reality in context of money making, it has to start at the vibration level. Transformation in results could only be inside out. Money is the physical form of wealth energy and therefore ruled by the law of vibration.

In addition, enhanced awareness about Dynamic Destiny, role of chakras, forgiveness, Karmic Entitlement, gratitude and charity as deposits facilitate karmic withdrawals, hence helping to make more money.

In this Program you will Learn

  • Knowing that money making process requires learning and unlearning both

  • Learning how mind rules over matter

  • Techniques to come out of fear related to Money

  • Knowledge and Actions regarding Do’s and Don’ts of making money

  • Learning how chakras are important for financial abundance

  • Technique to help with enhancing money flow in our lives

  • Technique to learn enhancing Cosmic Energy, Dynamic Destiny and Karmic Entitlements

  • Learning that Harmony in relationships is essential for financial abundance

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