What Is This Programme About?

Cosmic design of life is comprehensive of all the workshops which reveals information about the human systems and its unlimited potential. The program highlights all the concepts of Human Mindset, Laws of Universe, Chakras and Theory of Karma and its interdependence to Cosmic Energy.


Cosmic energy also referred to as the life force, is the energy that maintains the balance of the entire universe. The intensity of this force is so powerful that it keeps everything in the universe moving at a particular pace and place.

All the objects from huge celestial bodies like planets to an insect are moving at their own pace. This is the rhythm of the Universe.

This rhythm is governed by certain laws, which apply to each one of us in the same manner. In order to live a fulfilling life with the best of health, wealth, and relationships, first, we need to be aware of these laws. Once we are aware, then we can design our life and back it up with meaningful actions that create great results.

In this Program you will Learn

  • How to reveal your life’s purpose

  • Attract positive people into your life

  • Connect to all the wealth and happiness in the world.

  • Maximize your wellbeing – and that of your loved ones.

  • How to come out of fear and optimistically control your emotions.

It all starts with You!

My programs have helped thousands if not millions to transform their lives.

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